Deep Thoughts on a British Drama Series

First of all, I’d like to say that a lot of effort was put into this work. The amount of material that I had to go through was overwhelming.

Second, all sources (and I studied each one very carefully) presented existing (read hot, gorgeous) findings on the topic that I investigated.

So, I sat down to write a review on a British drama series Poldark. BBC One has already released two seasons and is now shooting the third one which fans will see in mid-spring. I started writing long sentences about its suspenseful plot, diverse characters and the epoch. But then I thought: “Why am I doing this?” I deleted everything, and what I did instead, turned out to be a million times better.

The last thing. What you will see below, means that Poldark is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Murashka and Zheliasko !!!

And now, let me present to you the main character of the series, Ross Poldark. Enjoy 😄

Thank you,
Thank you,
Can anyone teach me how to use Photoshop, please?  Photo credit:
Thank you, BBC One

And the final killing picture.

Easy, Aidan. Photo credit: Tumblr. com

With love (for Aidan Turner),

Angelina Murashka


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