How far can J. K. Rowling’s imagination go?

A fathomless suitcase which would be a precious gift for a woman, cute fantastic beasts and spells for quick cooking. Get ready to be the part of the magical world of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I guess no point to tell the plot but still 😅 

Seventy years before the Potter story. 1926. New York. A magizoologist Newt Scamander played by Eddie Redmayne, comes from the UK after a global excursion to find extraordinary magical creatures. Newt brings with him a suitcase full of various magical creatures, including an aggressive rhino, a small sprout and a duck-billed platypus that obviously has kleptomania symptoms. A former Auror who now works in the Ministery of Magic, Tina, notices him immediately. When some of Newt’s creatures escape from the suitcase, the two work together to solve the problems and save NYC (almost a tradition, to destroy New York in the film).

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Anything behind the plot?

Accurately, telling about the magic world which is afraid of persecution, J. K. Rowling hits on some poignant themes that touch on modern issues. Repression and segregation are obviously the underlying themes of the film. Witches and wizards that are under attack are like a comparison to those people who are singled out, attacked or discriminated because of what makes them different from others. So, Fantastic Beasts is definitely more current than anyone expected it to be.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Let’s talk about the impressions.

To be honest, it seemed to me that from time to time there were just mindless scenes of Newt chasing his beasts. The visuals were impressive, yes, but what about a coherent plot? Nevertheless, the world which J. K. Rowling has created is so captivating, that you connive at those minor flaws.

And Eddie Redmayne! I can’t stop admiring his talent! The way he performs the mating dance! Isn’t it incredible? Though, really funny, too 😄 Sorry, Leo, but I wanted Redmayne to get Oscar for the Danish Girl.

So, I am definitely one of those waiting for the next four films. Let’s wait and see how Ms. Rowling will surprise us next time. For now, she proved that it is not only Harry Potter that tells a wonderful story about the wizarding world.

P.S. Oh, God, I really wish making strudels was that easy.


Angelina Murashka


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