Death from the laughter

Do you have a favourite film that you could watch over and over again? I have. It is the film that makes me not just laugh but guffaw. Need some dark humour with maniac farce? The answer is Death at a Funeral.

How can it be funny?

Oh, it can, believe me. On the morning of their father’s funeral, the family and friends of the deceased arrive to honour his memory. The funeral ceremony, however, will not be as you would imagine it to be. Wait for the disasters to happen. First, a casket with a wrong person arrives. Then a new fiancé of one of the main characters who is desperately trying to make a good impression on her parents, accidentally takes a homemade hallucinogen en route to the service. As a result, later on he appears naked on the rooftop making declarations of love. During the ceremony, old conflicts are uncovered, and when a man arrives saying he’s the dead man’s gay lover and threatens blackmail, drastic measures are taken.

The film is full of such crazy moments that make you literally rock with laughter.

It was so weird to be tempted to laugh when you were absolutely not supposed to. You feel so uncomfortable laughing when the man falls out of the coffin and everyone jumps up and shrieks 😄 And please don’t make me tell you what happens when a grumpy old man is being helped to sit on the toilet. Oh, oh (read with the intonation of Phoebe Buffay), and the moment when the man starts crying that the coffin is moving and someone there is alive. That list is never-ending.

After a gradually escalating series of slapstick moments, the laughter ceases: conflicts get resolved, relationships get strengthened, and everyone goes home wiser and shocked, of course.

The part “let’s learn smth”?

Forget about it 😂 Nothing to learn, nothing to think about – just laugh like mad.

And finally, please, don’t watch a ropey American remake of 2010. You don’t like wasting your time, right? 😉

Angelina Murashka



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